My Dog Pulls on His Leash and Jumps on Me

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Hi guys, I have an issue with my 7 month old standard poodle. He walks fine with an easy walk harness, but with a collar, he pulls and lunges ahead because of how excited he is. He also jumps on me when he gets really excited. It's really annoying that I can't walk my dog well and it's pretty embarrassing. It's also embarrassing when he jumps on me because he won't stop, I've tried turning away and ignoring him, and he continues jumping on my back and then stops. I then turn around and reward him, try to keep walking but he will jump again. These are honestly the only problems with my dog that I have to fix. He won't pay attention to me on walks because he just wants to pull and and jump ahead of me. I need some help to fix this. He is pretty food motivated which really helps me but I just want to be able to walk him like a normal dog. I really don't know what to try. Any help with both issues or either is appreciated 🙂

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