My dog lunges at a specific dog every time we see them out walking. How can I stop this?

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It's been a little less than a year from the night that I was walking my pup and a big black dog came out of the darkness wildly barking at me and him on our neighborhood walk. I yelled a loud "NO" at the dog and luckily he stopped and backed off while continuing to bark until his owner came out of their nearby house and grabbed them. Since then, my dog will lunge at this dog any time we see them walking around the neighborhood (he's never touched the dog since whenever I see them I always steer him to the other side of the road). He doesn't do this to any other dog, just this one and it leads me to believe it's because of that night (since he never did previous this to that incident).

My dog is just about 100lbs so it can be hard to hold on to him when he does this without getting jerked around. Otherwise, he's a fine leash walker. I'm not entirely sure how to work on getting him to stop this lunging behavior since it's so dog specific to a stranger's dog whom I don't feel totally comfortable with asking if they can meet in a friendly way for exposure reasons. We see the dog on their walk maybe once a week since I now know generally what time to avoid to not run into them but it would be great if I didn't have to worry about this.

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