My dog loses his mind when I try to clean his face/brush his hair

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I have a 9 month old shih tzu. He’s sweet usually but when I (or the groomer) try to brush him, it is MAYHEM.

his face gets so incredibly dirty but the moment I try to wipe it, he squirms so much and loses his mind. He HATES it. I feel so bad having to hold him still and feel like I’m torturing him when I have to do it. His face is so small that I’m afraid the water will get in his eyes, and I personally can’t cut the tiny mats from his cheeks because I’m afraid to get scissors by his eyes.

Brushing can be accomplished if a bully stick is held in his mouth the ENTIRE TIME, but he still hates it and tries to run away. Constant squirming, constant trying to bite the brush.

I brushed him every single day when he was 2 months to 6 months old, so I do not know why he hates it.

I love when he’s fluffier so I don’t want to keep him short-haired but sometimes I wonder if I have to 🙁


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