My dog likes so suffocate us with her neck while excited and getting love and attention.

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My dog is a year and two month year old female cavalier cocker spaniel mix. I have had a few stubborn issue with this dog as she is extremely stubborn. Ex. Pooping in the laundry room at night. Eating garbage any chance she can. Both of which are annoying but one avoidable and one just plain annoying.

But when she gets excited she likes to stand on your lap or lay on top or beside and smother your mouth and nose with her neck. Every time you breathe in or out she wags her tail harder more excited and presses harder. Which isn’t an issue with my mother or I who she does it to. But now I have a baby due in may and I worry if she will do this to the baby. As she has already shown signs of jealousy and trying to get extra attention such as barking as i talk to my belly.

What should i do? Why does she do this?

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