My dog killed her puppy. Please help.

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Hi everyone. I am very desperate, please help. Here's a little backstory: I got my beagle dog in 2014, she is an amazing, calm, lovely dog. We didn't want her to have puppies, but the doctor advised us to let her have puppies once, before getting spayed. (I know that this is stupid, we go to a different doctor now) She gave birth to one puppy in 2016. Only one, but a very big, healthy girl. We decided to keep her. She is a very playful dog. After that, our first one got spayed. We had some complications so we didn't want to spay the younger one, instead we just kept her inside while she was bleeding. This time we made a mistake, we didn't notice that she started bleeding and the neighbors dog got her pregnant. (I blamed myself enough for this) She gave birth 7 days ago in the evening. I was there the whole time, because she came to me while she was "in labor". Our older dog helped her with everything and she let her. She gave birth to TEN pups. One was stillborn. Two others died in the morning. We fought for the little one for another day, but she didn't even have sucking reflexes so we couldn't feed her. She unfortunately gave up. I am a way too sensitive person, especially when it comes to animals so it made me really really upset.(I'm also 22 and just weak in general) For the last 5 days everything has been great, the puppies are growing fast, but the mother dog is acting weird. She looked stressed yesterday and after feeding the puppies she just leaves for 30 minutes, sometimes even more. Our older dog licks the puppies when the mother is tired or not there and she puts them together in a pile. (She was an amazing mother before) In the afternoon when my dad went to check them he was really shocked to find out the mother killed and was eating one of the puppies(not the weakest one) This dog was never once aggressive in her life. I haven't even heard her growl. I almost fainted when I found out. We disciplined her and I was so so mad, but I read that this happens sometimes when the mother is inexperienced or stressed and she was both. She was shaking and panting when I found her so I calmed myself and then calmed her too. I took away the puppies and gave her food and then she was whining so I gave her the puppies back. I talked to the doctor, he said that the best I can do is gave them back, but I was really uneasy. She was calm, she fed them, licked them but then left again. I was watching them until midnight. It's the next morning now, I checked them, the puppies are fine, she fed them but she's not with them. Our older one keeps warming them up but the mother is not there a lot of the times. My parents are working and even though I am watching them as much as I can, I can't watch them always. My question is can I leave the puppies with their mother, what should I do in this situation? Thank you for your time and help.

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