My dog keeps pooping and peeing in the house!

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My dog is almost 3 years old. Mixed breed. There is a 90% chance of me waking up in the morning coming down to a living room filled with poop and or pee or both.

I don’t get it. For the longest time we walk him on a schedule and you’d think he’d understand by now. My dad walks him at 9am when he gets home from his overnight shift. He walks him again around the time between 3-4pm then I walk him again between at 8-10pm.

He usually only goes in the house while we are sleeping but you’d think he’d know that at 9pm that is his last walk for 12 hours. That being said in the middle of the day or even weekends when he gets more frequent walks we can still find his remnants in the living room.

It’s hard to walk him more because of me and my dads work schedules so we really try and take him on walks but he still keeps going in the house. It is becoming such a hassle and chore to constantly pick up and mop day after day his mess.

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