my dog just ate a whole fried chicken wing

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i was going to the bathroom and when i went outside she was on the table and grabbed a chicken wing then ran away from me. shes a siberian husky puppy about 3 months and whenver she knows she ate something bad she always tries to hide away from me but i end up giving her a better treat and she drops it. this time when i tried offering a whole plate of wings to trick her she didnt drop the wing and then i tried other methods which would surely work but she didnt do anything. when i tried to take the chicken wing out of her mouth she tried to bite my face and started growling at me and then she quickly bit and swallowed the whole wing. she seems fine right now because when i told her to not eat the chicken wing she started wagging her tail and i dont know what to do right now and how to prevent this in the future. shes currently locked outside of my bedroom because thats how i normally discipline her. the chicken wing was pretty small but im not sure wether i should take her to the vet. also is there another method in trying to make my dog drop something im so scared this is gonna happen again

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