My dog is suddenly being aggressive

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Hi all,

I have a 2-3 year old jack russel terrier and (i think) schnauzer mix. I’ve had him for about 5 months and hes been super sweet the entire time. Before, he would bite only if something is painful to him or when I’d approach him while he’s eating his food or a treat (he definitely has food aggression).

For the past 5 days or so he’s been way more aggressive than normal. For example if i pet him on the back while hes laying on my bed, he’ll snarl and show me his teeth, and if i continue to pet him he will actually bite me. This never bothered him before. Similarly, if my hand gets anywhere near his chin, he’ll bite. This is random during the day too, because at other times he’ll come back wanting to sit near me and cuddle, and the same actions dont bother him.

Of note, i was recently at my parents house for about 10 days, and he was with me. He was spoiled there and got table food all the time, and let out in the yard to constantly bark at any time he wanted. At the end i noticed My parents also were inconsistent with how they pet him. theyd tap his head, while I’ve done that before to “punish” him for excessive barking (not actually hit, just tap).

Im thinking this may have made him aggressive? Does that sound possible? Im super worried about him and not sure how to act with him. Physically he seems fine, no pain or injuries anywhere, and eating/pooping is normal too. He’s being walked for an hour a day, which hasn’t changed recently.

Thank you

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