My dog is seemingly very reactive on the leash, but is not food or toy motivated. What else can be used to try to train her to calm down on walks?

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She's a seven month old German Shepherd mix that I got from a rescue a few weeks ago. She's totally fine when able to run freely, but she isn't a fan of anything that moves when there's a barrier – be it leash or fence.

The ongoing training is the "watch me" method. When around the house with less stimulus, she will look at me to get treats when she hears it. When outside, she's completely uninterested even without other dogs – if there's dogs or people, I don't stand a chance.

We've tried sitting in a far corner of a park where other dogs and people can be seen from a very healthy distance away, but she still pulls hard at the leash and barks. She doesn't get enticed by treats, regardless of how much cheese or hot dogs I have.

What other methods have you found to be effective? I would love for my dog to make some friends, but right now she's just not the best at socializing.

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