My dog is obsessed with his schedule….

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I’ve had dogs my whole life, but I’ve never had one quite so obsessive about his schedule. He wakes me up at exactly the same time every morning and asks to go potty – whether he has to go or not. He knows exactly what time of day we go for walkies and – if I am late – will repeatedly ring his potty bell until I take him. There are certain times throughout the day where he will also ring that bell to go potty and won’t stop until we take him outside, but he doesn’t always have to go. He also remembers other things like when my husband is supposed to come home from work, and gets quite agitated if he doesn’t arrive when he is supposed to.

Any change we make to his schedule he learns very quickly. For example, we started snuggling him around the same time each day, right after dinner – not intentionally, it just happened that way – and now he will come up to each of us and demand snuggles at that time each day.

Now, I understand that dogs like schedules in general because it helps them know what comes next. We established part of this schedule ourselves because he has epilepsy and needs his medications and food at specific times of day to help manage it.

But whew!

I can’t ever sleep in, or skip a walkie, or have a morning where I don’t have to go traipsing outside as soon as i wake up….

I’ve tried modifying his schedule each day, and not letting him out when i know he doesn’t have to go – offering a distraction instead.

No luck. Any other ideas?

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