My dog is nipping another dog and starting fights? How do I correct this behavior?

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My dog is about 10, she is female and currently living with another younger female around 3. For all of her life my female dog has been pretty anti-social around other animals and even people.

She will bark at people who come into the house and if a dog is around she gets really tense and sometimes will lash out at them. However once she gets to know the dog she tends to be ok.

However I noticed that if another dog has high energy or runs around or tries to play with her, she immediately starts acting aggressive and nipping at the other dogs. especially when they get excited and run by her. This usually leads to a dog fight where I physically have to pull her off the other dog.

I've tried yelling which obviously doesnt help, I tried getting her to redirect her attention before I think shes tensing up and getting ready to nip at the other dog, but it can happen instantly and isn't always preventable.

I don't know what is causing her to do this, because she went a whole month with the other dog without incident. They were comfortable around each other and would sometimes even lay by each other.

But just a few days ago I had a family member come over and bring their smaller dog over. Everything was fine until the younger female dog ran right at the little dog full speed and almost ran into the smaller dog. My dog didn't seem to like that and started attacking the female dog.

Ever since then I noticed sometimes when the energy levels pick up (someone comes over or someone tries to play with the other dog) she attempts to nip at the other dog.

I don't know what to do with her. If I try and grab her and pull her back when noticing shes getting tense, it usually leads to her going crazy and trying to attack the dog outright. So I feel like I can't grab her, and trying to get her attention by yelling seems to be 50/50 if she listens and redirects the attention. The other half of the time she just nips no matter what I say.

Looking for help on this one as I'm not sure what can be done.

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