My dog is getting worse. Please help!!

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I had a jack russell/chiuwawa (8 years old) mix for 8 years now and everything was pretty much fine. He wasn’t the most trained dog, but still relatively obedient. A couple months ago we got a lab mix (2 years old) and the jack russell has gotten out of hand. It wasn’t bad at first, but about a month in he started growing at the new dog. He is overly aggressive to my new dog: constantly barking or growling when the other does absolutely nothing. My new dog is an absolute sweetheart and doesn’t retaliate. My older dog seems as if he’s agitated or even stressed all the time. He has a history of separation anxiety, so maybe that has something to do with it? I need some tips on how to diffuse the situation because I’m sick of my dogs not getting along. I love them both, but I feel incompetent as a trainer and owner. Please help!!

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