My dog is getting worse about his nails trims (Advice)

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My lab mix is 8yo, and about 90lbs, he's a good boy, but he's starting to get aggressive with his nails. When he was a puppy he had a bad episode with a chain petstore groomer, so I only took him to vets to get his nails done. He's always been uncomfortable, but ultimately let them do it. He's gone every six weeks, for practically his whole life, to get his nails trimmed, and he's still fearful of it. Now that he's older, and arthritis is setting in, he's starting to lash out when people touch his feet.

He can do serious damage to someone, he's a big dog, and he's scared. I've tried the anxiety meds, they don't work. So I can either have him muzzled and held down, or I can have him sedated and hopefully he won't know the difference. His nails are pure black, and they grow fast, so I can't do it myself. It's getting to the point that his walking is going to be impaired. What would y'all do?

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