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Hello. I've been following this subredit for a while but since all cases are unique I'd like advice about my dog. First off he's a 1 year old male pomeranian. He's always been really sweet, cuddles a lot, especially when I'm sad. He's also really energetic, if he doesn't get A LOT of exercise he barks constantly and runs around the house throwing his toys and barking. But like I said if we get him running and playing that energy fades. The problem is the last few months he's been getting aggressive. He steals socks a lot and if we try to take them out of his mouth he starts growling and showing his teeth. Sometimes he bites me but it's like a warning bite, it doesn't really hurt (and i found a way around this anyway). Whenever someone tries to take him away from me or keeps him from going to my room though, he bites and he really hurts those people. Just today he went to the vet to get his monthly bath and he behaved great until I arrived and he bit the lady who gives him baths because she didn't let him come to me. It was fairly deep and she was bleeding a lot. I don't know what to do to stop him from doing this. He's really sweet with me but he's so aggressive towards other people that my mom wants me to "get rid of him". But I can never do that, he's my best friend. What should I do? 🙁

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