My dog is driving the neighbours crazy!

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My 9 month old spoodle is normally with my dad during the day, but we've been tying him on a long lead on our deck when he's home alone (stops him from digging up the yard). The neighbours complained today when he was home alone because he wouldn't stop barking.

We fill Kong's, give him toys and bones that he adores, and he's got his kennel and water with him. He's fine when someones home and he's outside by himself, but as soon as we leave he never stops barking.

He's not super food oriented and much prefers just to be around people, but we can't have him with us all the time. If we're away for a short time we crate him, but I don't want him crated for 3+ hours with no walk. I'm planning on sending him to doggy daycare a couple times a week to socialise him with other dogs, but does anyone have any ideas on how to train him not to bark?

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