My Dog is Biting Harder Everyday

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I got a 10-month to 1-year old hound-mix from the shelter about a month ago. She started off super sweet, but mouthed a lot like a puppy. Since then, she has started biting harder and harder and it is absolutely heartbreaking. I started professional training with her about a week ago, but the trainer seems to think her behavior is typical puppy mouthing and rough play that was never trained out of her. I am concerned it’s more serious than that. Recently, her bites are extremely painful and almost breaking skin. When I look up reasons why she would be biting, I keep seeing: 1. Fear 2. Maternal Instincts 3. Possessiveness 4. Pain 5. Accident. But what do I do if hers don’t fit into any of these? Albeit, she does usually start off by getting too excited and playful, but it is definitely not her accidentally biting me instead of a toy. She will intentionally stop playing with her toy and in a split second look at me, lunge, and latch on. It’s scary and I am truly at a loss of what to do. I tried the redirect method of putting a toy in between us to try to switch her over to it instead of my arm, but she’s not interested in the toy. I tried turning away and not making eye contact or talking to her, but then she just latches onto my legs. The only thing that will get her to let go is distracting her with a treat for sitting, but afterwards she just lunges again. If anyone has any similar experiences or advice to give, it would help tremendously. I’ve never given up a pet, but I am starting to feel unsafe in my own home 🙁

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