My dog is a bully at puppy class, and I don’t think the other dog owners particularly like it. What should I do?

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Today was our first day at puppy class with our 10.5 week old west siberian laika. This is a primitive hunting breed, so perhaps a bit different to your average companion. But the breed is typically very friendly to nice dogs, but cautious towards strangers and maybe a bit aloof.

My puppy Bark has mostly been playing with his siblings and his older siblings/family, which are 20-30kg WSL dogs, who all perhaps play a bit rough. He has also been playing with a 1.5 year old staffie, who also plays rough and have limitless energy. But when Bark tries to play with other dogs, he just goes way too hard. Usually starting with a double face "punch", then bite and/or wrestle the other dog down on the ground if he is strong enough. If the dog is too big, he continues jumping in it's face with his paws and (playfully) bite it in the face and ears.

At the end of puppy class today, there was a small play session in a fenced in area. Bark is the biggest dog there by at least 3 kg, there were a poddle, three 10 week tollers, and a mini dachshund (?). Bark tried playing with them all, and didn't show much extra carefulness towards the very much smaller dachshund. He does show some restraint when playing to the other puppies, but not enough.

He was biting them, standing on top of them, biting down on their clothes and holding on tight and "shaking" his head while sometimes play growling. I was always close by to remove him when he got too rough, and the trainer was there right beside me.

In the end we ended up putting him on leash, so the other puppies would have to come to him to play. Some of the tollers were very interested in playing, and their playstyle seemed similar, but Bark is just too strong and big and he just puts them down immediately. Two times he even caused a dog to whine for half a sec.

To clarify again, I was there right with him ready to remove him when things got too rough, and the trainer was there watching closely. It was never anything dangerous, and the trainer told me she had a similar puppy herself, and it took a long time for her pup to play nice.

I know he is just a puppy and he obviously needs to learn how to play less rough, but I could feel and tell that the other puppy owners probably weren't a big fan of Bark. Most of their dogs are super cute and smaller, while I have this bigger and wilder looking (and acting) puppy, that doesn't seem to know how to hold himself back probably

In the mean time, what should I do? Keep interrupting the play every single time he is getting rough towards other dogs and puppies? Will waiting for an adult dog to "correct" him do him any good, or just make him potentially scared and aggressive towards other dogs? Not sure how to find any playmates who accept this type of play. Maybe he just needs to play with puppies of his size ofør bigger, but I would prefer him to be able to play with smaller dogs too!

TLDR: My puppy is a big playfull bully who doesn't know to play nicely. Help.

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