My dog hates laughing?

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I'll start this off by clearing up some facts and thoughts i have regarding this.

I am a very mellow person and " belly " laughing and etc are not my typical thIng. I also super spoiled my dog when i got him the first few weeks cuz i was off work and betweEn school, so hes got hella seperation anxiety. Anyways, for some reason whenever im laughing, be it at someone elses joke or just at a picture or something, my dog *freaks out*. Like he starts jumping up on me and biting harder than usual. harder "than usual" isnt really the thing to say because i **Do Not** allow either of these jumping or biting habits training wise. And it takes more than the usual stern voice or finger to the nose to get him to stop. Anyone know why he might be displaying such behavior? I APOLOGIZE if this isnt the place to post this, but i figured itd work since i could also use some training tips on how to stop this. submitted by /u/Weldeer
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