My dog has this obsessive licking behavior that’s impossible to stop

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I hope this is the right thread to post this in, but my dog (3yrs) has always had this obsessive licking behavior that seems impossible to stop. He does it when he's lying down, and he'll lick himself or the floor non-stop. He'll target random spots on his body and just lick and lick for days until it opens up into a wound and then he keeps going. We've brought him to the vet so many times and his skin is perfectly healthy and it's not allergies. When he wears the cone of shame, he'll lick the cone too.

We don't want to keep the cone on him 24/7, so he only wears it at night, but we pretty much spend the entire day telling him to stop, and it drives everyone in the house crazy. He knows he's not supposed to because when he sees us watching him he'll stop, but he's always been INCREDIBLY stubborn, so he continues when he knows we're not watching.

If it's an obsessive behavior thing, I don't have much confidence in ever making it stop, but I still want to see if anyone has ever dealt with anything similar, or has any advice on this.

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