My dog has major behavioral issues, please help!

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To start; our dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She's 15 months old and we've had her for 3 months.

When we got her she had some behavioral issues. Mostly jumping a lot, and having pushy behavior. She was never socialized while in the shelter, which she had been in for almost a year.

We started to make good progress with her immediately, and started out well behaved on a loose leash.

We took a beginner training class, and she was eager to learn and receptive to the training. Still not good with other dogs, and still jumping but did great in class.

We have a friend with a docile pitbull who we've introduced to our dog a handful of times. Our dog is very excited, wanting to play but never able to get calm around the other dog. She will just keep pushing her nose into the other dog to try and get her to play. It doesn't seem agressive, but if we visit with them she will pant and hyperventilate the whole visit.

A month ago it seems things started to escalate, she started to hide her head under the bed, and starts to growl and whine. (Sometimes her tail is wagging while she's doing this.) We read, and were told by a trainer that it could be fear. But each situation is different, and there's no consistent sound or event that triggers it. This behavior happens on days that she's had an hour long hike and a bunch of exercise, or if she's only had a couple short walks. We know that it's best to ignore her and not reinforce the behavior, but we had to get legal help for our landlord to even allow us to get an emotional support animal. This means we're on thin ice, and if any neighbor starts to complain that the dog is a nuisance, we could have to give her up or be asked to vacate. We can't just let her bark/whine. We've tried interrupting her with playing, affection, training sessions but it's all only a momentary distraction. She can sometimes go right back to whining a minute after we stop.

She's also started to pull on the leash, and lunge/bark at strangers. She used to be able to walk by people and other dogs relatively calmly.

She never used to bite at our food (she never gets human food, and used to beg for a second or two and then leave us to eat after being told no.) Now she wont listen when we tell her to stop, and has a few times grabbed a chunk of food off our plate or even out of our hands.

We just took her to the vet, and found out she has a double ear infection. We're wondering if her being in pain could have something to do with the behavior. She snapped and tried to bite, so was muzzled to get her vaccines and ear meds. The next day when we were giving her ear meds, she bit me in the face. (Pretty deep cut, but no stitches. She was scared and being held down, so its not surprising that she lashed out, and I partially blame myself for not backing off and letting her calm down.) Since the bite we've been having an easier time giving her meds, by staying calmer and reading her better. Still; it feels like it escalated quickly in the same way she escalates when barking and lunging at strangers.

This is all new behavior that's getting worse by the day. We're beyond stressed and don't know how to help our dog, or be better owners.

She's receptive to training, so I'm hoping someone has some advice on how to can correct the bad behavior with and start to move forward.

Please help us.

TL/DR; My dog is getting worse and worse and I don't know how to fix it.

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