My dog has a super protective / semi-aggressive behavior that is putting a strain on my family

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Hi everyone, I have a 6 year old Australian Shepard and really since the beginning of time he has been very rowdy (if that's what you can call it). We got him for my birthday when I was turning ten, and from the start he has never been a calm dog. We bought him from a kind of unofficial breeder and because of this he basically lived the first month and a half of his life as a yard dog with a pack of dogs. I wan't to believe this is partly where his bad behavior has come from, but honestly I have to own up and say I haven't done enough to train him. He has a extremely protective behavior that is kind of odd. Basically any truck that comes into our driveway (mostly the mailman) causes him to go nuts. He has a strong tenancy to do this towards males, it seems less often to females. He is not really a biter (he niped a kid once when he was about 6 – 9 months old, nothing since) but he has one of the most relentless barks I have ever heard on a dog. Because of this he will continue to bark at anyone outside until they are out of site. He has a terrible tenancy to get really wound up over any energy, and because of this we can't really run in the house. He even starts to whimper / softly bark when a lot of people are laughing, or singing a song together. Things like this lead me to believe he has some sort of anxiety along with his protective behavior. I've been able to train him to do basic tricks (sit, lay down) but the behavior is something I really want to fix. The weird thing about it is if we have a guest over he will spend about 3 minutes barking / being kind of jumpy, but afterwards he will be completely fine (besides being watchful) I assume he just needs to see that people are not a enemy in order to feel calmer? I just want to be able to take him on walks and have him bark a lot less as people like the mailman, but I don't know what I would have to do in order to stop this kind of behavior. He gets really wired when something like this happens, and it takes a lot of scolding, along with the antagonizer leaving to finally calm him down. I will be completly honest that I haven't taken enough care of him with playing and training, and I really want to set these things straight. Is there any place I can start with his behavior?

Thank you to everyone.

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