My dog gets wild at agility class

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I own a 1.5 y old golden, my agility/obedience trainer keeps telling me I need to be more interesting to him, and I have no idea how to do it! He’s obsessed with smells and he’s a very curious dog (he tries to enter in every open gate during walks lol), off leash he’s much better. He’s becoming good at recall, he even sat down when he saw one other off leash dog around a corner and waited for me. But at agility nope, he spends the first 10-15 minutes running away and enjoying every minute of it!! He looks completely wild and he hardly listens to me sometimes! Why is he doing it? Trainer told me it’s because I didn’t work properly with him when he was a puppy…. me and husband lost a pregnancy at 5 months before deciding to get a dog, so we’ve had an hard year, and I had also some anger issues for a few months, and it happened that I shouted at him sometimes, and it’s horrible to say that, I hit him a few times, not hard. I never did that again, and still feel terrible for it. But apart from that he was a well cared puppy, he had playtime, multiple little walks everyday, crate training, potty training and some leash training too. Never did a walk without treats with me. After the first months I got better anyway, and Im still doing psychotherapy. With months I’ve rebuilt the relationship with him, and I’m myself again. But… when we get to agility lesson, he just becomes wild, and I can’t understand why! Is he so wild because he’s young? Or is that really the first months that didn’t help at all with our relationship? He’s my first dog, so can’t understand why he keeps behaving like that, and just at agility class! Thanks.

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