My dog gets bored in the evening

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Does anyone have any tips or toys that could help cure my dog’s boredom? He pretty much chills all day, and he seems content doing so.

But at night, he gets really bored and starts acting up a bit—putting his paws on the couch, asking for attention, coming to us with his toy, and now getting to a point where he’ll pick up things he knows he’s not supposed to.

Currently, our schedule is something like the below:

5:00 am – potty break

5:15-8:30am – back to sleep

8:30 am – 30 min walk

9:00 am – 15 min play time + training

10 am – breakfast in slow feeder

10-2pm – nap / alone time

2pm – 30 min walk

2:30-4:30pm – nap / alone time

4:30pm – 15-30 min play time + training

5:30pm – 15-30 min walk

7pm – dinner in slow feeder

8:30 / 9 – he gets rowdy around this time so we usually give him a stuffed kong and engage him in play time or more training if he’s acting up

10:30 – potty break

11pm – bed time

I don’t think we’re doing enough to keep him entertained, but I’m also not sure how to fix it. He destroys his toys easily, and the ones that could maybe sustain his chewing like the benebone or nylabone, he has no interest in. He will sometimes get a beef cheek roll to chew on, but he goes through them super fast, so we limit how often he gets these. We try taking him on longer walks, but it looks like it tires him out because he’ll sometimes just sit when he doesn’t want to walk anymore.

Should we up the play time and training? Or maybe set a designated hour for training? Right now, his play time and/or training consists of fetch and learning to “drop it”, “leave it”, “sit” and “stay.” He’s a quick learner and food motivated but not great at maintaining any of them for long. Depending on what’s going on in the day, I’ll randomly engage him in training to work on focusing and impulse control.

I know socializing might help with boredom too, but he can be reactive to other dogs and people, so taking him to dog parks or doggy daycare or play dates doesn’t work atm either…

Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you 🙂

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