My dog Freya, a mutt, has ‘selective hearing.’ How do I solve that?

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Hey all, first time posting here. So December 2016, a dog belonging to my wife's aunt had a litter of puppies. She gave a girl pup to our cousin, who ended up not taking very good care of her. The cousin ended up giving us the dog last September and paying for a year's worth of vet bills.

We named her Freya. She was not very well trained and we have been working extensively with her. We train her and give commands frequently, as well as make sure she has outlets to get energy out.

Sometimes, she gets a stubborn streak and will ignore us or refuse to heed commands. We take her out without a leash because she has been trustworthy for the most part. When she gets this rebellious streak, she won't listen to the simple command "Come," which she obeys in the house.

Today was one such streak, and she ran off to approach a car driving into the parking lot. I had to grab her to stop her, and she bit me pretty bad because of it. I pinned her on her back and straddled her, staring her in the eyes until she looked away. (I was told that's a sign that you aren't messing around and they need to listen.)

Just as well, she has a room in the house that she poops in. Only at night. She's potty trained, and during the day she lets us know when she needs to go out. The easiest solution is to close the door…but we just can NOT train her out of it.

As far as breed goes, her mother is full Siberian Husky, and her father is 1/2 black lab, 1/2 pit bull.

Thanks in advance.

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