My dog doesn’t want to pee in the morning…

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My mix mutt has recently been refusing to pee in the morning in the backyard and sometimes during 30 + minutes walks around the neighborhood. She doesn't have any problems in the afternoon and even less in the evening to go party in the backyard. If I take her on a walk in the morning after a short car ride, she will definitely pee 100 times and mark everywhere.

She sometimes hold it 12 to 14 hours before she finally pee in the backyard and that even if I take her out 3 or 4 times in the morning.

We have tried to have her party before she gets breakfast (which was working before we moved), we have tried treats, we tried to have her pee on top our the other dogs marking (which is a hit or miss, more of a miss recently…).

And peeing while it rains? Forget about it…

I don't know what to do anymore, any suggestions?

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