My dog constantly wants food, what can I do?

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I don't know if it's quarantine or what, but my dog is constantly bugging us for food. She eventually settles down but I think because we're home more now she thinks she gets fed more. We only give her three meals a day and keep pretty good track of those meals. What me and my mom did start doing is "fake outs" where we just gave her one or two pieces of her kibble, thinking that maybe if we just went through the motions she would stop bugging us. I don't know what to do now though, it just takes so much effort to get her to stop pawing and bugging us for food. She gets walked everyday now, and we have a screen door with a dog door on it and the door is always open for her to go outside. We're not perfect but I can't understand why she's so hard to get to stop clawing me or my mom for food. What can I do to get her mind off of food?

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