My dog claws people like a cat!

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So I adopted a 2ish year old Catahoula Leopard mix about 3 months ago and things have mostly been going well, she was found in a parking lot by the group I adopted her from and so nothing is known about her past before that (although that was a year ago). But the main issue that I cant seem to shake with her is she uses her claws a lot, I got some clippers but she isnt too into it and I dont want to hurt her, but either way her claws dont exactly look too long so im not sure how much shorter I could make them, its mainly the fact that she digs her claws in, she can ball her paw up into almost a fist so with that her claws dig in pretty well if she jumps on you, which she does a lot when excited even though I tell her no repeatedly and never pay attention to her when she does that. Any help with this issue is appreciated as well.

TL;DR: Adopted dog, got big cat?

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