My dog cannot leave my new cat alone.

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I have a 2 year old dog that has been with us since she was a 6 month old puppy. Recently, I have gotten a cat to take with me to school (my pup is too big to live in an apartment). Well school is finally done and I'm back at home with the pup. The problem is that my dog will not stop obsessing over the cat. My dog spends all day whining at the door that the cat is behind. This has been the case every time that I have to being the cat back home. Ive tried taking my dog to the park to tire her out but that doesn't seem to work. I really just want my dog to ignore the cat.

My pup doesn't seem hostile to the cat just curious but once she gets close to the cat that cat punches her and then she goes into a sort of frenzy of lunging and yipping.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Tl;Dr: Dog is obsessed with cat. I want dog to ignore cat.

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