My dog bit me really bad… I don’t know what to do

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My dog is Bauer. He is a 50 lb, almost 9 month old golden retriever. He has always had a history of biting and stealing, but never like this.

He has always stole anything he could get his mouth on that smelled like humans. Usually this is shoes, but today he somehow got one of those medical masks. After chasing him around the table for ten minutes (yes, in circles like an idiot), telling him to sit and drop it to no result (he does both of these fine during training sessions, but the second the treats go away…) he finally ran to the couch and I cornered him. I grabbed the mask and he still wouldn’t let go. I first tried peaceful methods like begging him with treats, saying ‘drop it’, and gently pulling. Eventually I slowly began to lose my temper after maybe five minutes. I scorned him saying he was being bad and ‘NO!’. Once again nothing. I’m not proud to admit it, but I got mad (it’s been about ten minutes now) and hit him. Just a gentle open palm smack to the back of the head, nothing that could ever hurt him, but I hoped it was maybe enough to make him realize we aren’t playing. He growled at me. I have no idea why, but I growled back, this went back and forth, then he lunged forward and but my hand. He has always been a puppy biter but you could tell that this was beyond that. He but super hard, onto my hand and wouldn’t let go for thirty seconds. He tore up the skin on my fingers, drew blood, and bit my nail so hard that it cracked, and you can still see the imprint of where his tooth hit my nail. It’s not so bad that I need medical attention, but it is way harder than I could possibly allow. After he bit me, I called my brother down to help wrestle the dog off me, who at this point still had the mask even though I got my hand free.

Right now he is in his crate whining.

Ever since we got him neutered about 4 weeks ago (he got off his meds and cone 4 weeks ago, the surgery was 6) stuff like stealing sneakers, disobedience, and even mild acts of aggression like growling and puppy biting have been more frequent.

I really have no idea what to do. Any suggestion helps.

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