My dog became VERY protective/aggressive the past couple months…

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My dog grew up with dogs and has always loved other dogs and socialized well. Recently when he encounters an aggressive dog or a dog that barks aggressively he will go into full attack mode. It's something I've never experienced before and I'm not sure how to correct this.

We were at our neighborhood dog park and he was playing with another dog having a great time. Then someone shows up with a highly reactive dog that immediatley started barking growling at our two dogs. For some reason, she proceeded to let her dog in. And my dog LOST IT. He was baring his teeth, growling and trying to lunge at her. At this point I had already had him by his collar so nothing happened. I then promptly left. This is by far the worst experience the two of us have had. But it's happened a few times before with sketchy dogs.

So basically my dog has zero patience for dogs that pose a threat. And this started when he turned a year old. He has gotten in altercations at dog parks but he won't ever bite other dogs, he will just bark and bare his teeth and sound terrifying.

How could I possibly correct how protective and aggressive he has become around other aggressive dogs?

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