My dog attacks random strangers and dogs + separation anxiety after moving to new country

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Hi! I adopted a 1-year-old mongrel from SPCA in August and we recently moved to another country around 3 weeks ago. He was already an anxious dog. In the previous country, my dog would very rarely snarl at passerbys and sometimes try to nip at people running. Whenever he sees other dogs, his hair would often go up, but he's usually friendly. But in the new country, he became a lot more anxious. He would actually run and attack people. eg. when my husband took him to the elevator, he jumped at this girl and my husband lost grip, and my dog almost bit the girl in the chest. He tried to attack the same girl today when we were at the elevator.

Today when we were at the mall, he became really focused on a dog far away and when I pulled on his leash, he even lied down and refused to move. When the dog and its owner walked this way, my dog tried to attack it. He is usually friendly with other dogs though.

Another issue is that he developed separation anxiety. He barks and whines whenever we leave and he never did this before.

Lastly, I have to go back to the previous country to sort out some visa issues for 2 months and will leave my dog to a friend's home (who also has a dog) and my husband's family's home (for the weekends) as my husband works full-time and cannot take care of him unless it's last resort. Do you have any tips on how to help my dog adjust to these changes in such a short time?

Some guidance in approaching these issues would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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