My dog attacked me, now is getting increasingly more aggressive towards me. What do I do?

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My girlfriend and I got our dog (Belgian Malinois) last year February. We realised later on that he already didn't like guys, but was generally alright with me.

We rescued him, and he was incredibly timid at first. He soon came out of his shell though. The two biggest problems we eventually noticed is that he didn't like strangers (especially men), and that he was very territorial around high value food/treats, and to a lesser extent toys.

Skipping to a few weeks ago, we'd decided to try and train the food aggression out of him. One thing we read was to stroke the dog while handing him the treat and continue as he was eating. I gave him a beef bone and continued stroking him. He very quickly started to growl and bare fangs at me so I moved back and left him alone.

About 15 seconds later I looked over and we locked eyes, and he suddenly started barking, lunged at me and was attacking my arm. I managed to force him to the ground, but he had almost punctured my arm in 3 places, and I had a tear in the web between my last two fingers. The injuries still haven't healed, but they're getting there.

Since then, he's gotten more and more aggressive. Yesterday and tonight there were fireworks relatively recently when I came home from work, and my partner was already home with the dog. Both times the dog was barking at me and tonight, he even was going to lunge again.

For a timeline, I got back around 22:00. I entered the bedroom around 22:05 as I felt safe enough then, but I was still hyper-vigilant. About 40 minutes later, my partner said I should call him to see if hes calmed down. I didn't think he had, but I decided to anyway.

I looked over to him and called his name, and he immediately began growling, so my partner shouted at him (he's never shown aggression towards her) and got him to stop. I figured we should have put him in his crate for a time out because of it, but we'd left it too long. At about 22:50, around 10 minutes after I called him, my partner wanted to record how hes acting with me, so we could get advice. I grabbed a pillow just in case, and I'm glad I did.

After only looking over at him, this is what happened

Luckily, he didn't actually come and attack me, but if it wasn't for both of us already being vigilant, and me holding a barrier between the two of us, I believe he would have.

After we had him locked in his crate downstairs for a while, he starting whining and crying, and when my partner went down and let him out, he ran upstairs and came up to me rubbing his head on my hands like he always does to get strokes, but now I'm always feeling like I can never relax around him and that's no way for me to be living around my dog, and its probably just as hard, if not harder o my partner.

We both love him to bits, but if we cant get this to stop, were going to have to take him back to the rescue and that's basically a death sentence since hes already attacked someone, and we don't have the money for a professional dog trainer.

Can anyone give advice on what we should do?

Tl;dr – my dog attacked me and has been getting continuously more aggressive since. What should I do?

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