My dog acts like he is going to poop outside but then fakes me out and refuses to poop. Please help!!

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Please help. I’m losing my mind. I have a one year old male daschund who goes through waves of being potty trained followed by being very stubborn and refusing to poop outside. When he was around 8 months old I had him entirely potty trained, however now he is falling into bad habits. I also have a three year old dog who his 100% potty trained. I don’t have a backyard so I walk them together every 3-5 hours. My main issue is my daschund will start to go poop, and then he fakes me out and literally sucks the poop back up and then refuses to poop. He does this over and over on our long walks. I usually get frustrated and take them inside and then walk him alone until he poops. I feel like I’m rewarding his bad behavior by allowing him more walk time than my other well behaved dog. I give him a treat every time he poops. This worked well to potty train him initially, but now I’m not sure. Another issue is he won’t poop in the house if I leave the house for 6+ hours. However if I’m home and he hasn’t been walked in 2-4 hours he will sometimes poop in the house. Im not sure what to do. Please help

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