My Cats Accepted A 3-Legged Puppy Whose Mom Tried To Eat Him

I’ve assembled Nicolas when he was over a week age-old, “hes been” the smallest of a litter of eight pitbulls and for some strange reason his mum feed 3 of his siblings and was in the process of dining him.

She got to ruminated his paw off, but someone was able to take him away from her and somehow I ceased up taking care of this tiny wrap of fur.

He was super minuscule and without his mum to care for him and with his injury he didn’t have a good prognosis. But after daylights of 24/7 care with lots of assistance from my the bag of cats and my other 5 hounds he turned into a charming bird-dog. So I wanted to show a bit of our journey.

I’ve gratified Nicolas when he was over a few weeks old

See the update here.

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