My Bulldog bit my 7 month old Dachshund

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Long story short. My Dachshund puppy is very playful and annoying to both my Bulldog and Cat. He loves to chase around the Bulldog and latch on to the skin hanging from his neck, try to get dragged when hanging from his legs, and all sorts of intrusive/obnoxious things but the Bull is usually extremely tolerant. Sometimes he will push him away or lightly pin him to the ground if he gets too annoyed, but today he finally bit.

My Dachshund was jumping all over him and harassing him when he was laying down and he got up and bit him in the ear. There’s a little sliver missing from the Dachshunds ear and he was bleeding for a few minutes. He’s stopped whining now about 20 minutes later and they are back to being friends.

I know that this behavior from the Dachshund is unacceptable and triggering, I try to stop him when he goes overboard. But I’m just worried because my Bull has never bit before and we’ve had him for 4 years. He usually just growls at him or paws him away when the Dachshund is annoying him, but I guess he lost it today. I just want to know what I can specifically to prevent that sort of reaction and minimize the harassment. I know that there’s issues with the Dachshunds behavior in this instance, and that biting is a way a dog defends itself. But this seems like an abnormal reaction to what typically happens, and I don’t want my Dachshund to get hurt because of it’s invasive nature.

Is there anyway I can minimize this sort of overly playful behavior from the Dachshund? and was this an acceptable reaction from the Bulldog even though he never does such things? I don’t want to have to re-house my Dachshund because I know if he learns to stop being obnoxious than this wouldn’t happen. I’ve never really had any issues with any of my previous dogs behaviors before, sorry if this if these questions have obvious answers and I’m being ignorant.

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