My border collie wines and runs around anxiously whenever someone plays a instrument.

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Music gets played a lot around me. My dog kinda freaks out and starts to try to herd it or something. It’s not that big a deal I can tell him “dog out” and he’ll go in the other room but it stresses him out some. Any way I can get him be more comfortable with instruments? It’s always acoustic stuff never loud or amplified. Music is played all the time around him and he never reacts. If I use my drill, sweep, vacuum, spray plants, shovel dirt, bike, grind coffee, print something do almost anything that makes electric or gas motor noise he’s 100% focused on that trying to herd it but he loves those. That’s his favorite is running around me while I work lol. But when an instrument is played he looks really concerned and gets super whiny and anxious. He’ll grab a toy and pace back and forth till I tell him dog out then he goes to my bed and lays there. This is the only thing that triggers this behavior. Any advice is welcome:).

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