My aussie has separation anxiety

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My dog is extremely lovey with me. Follows me absolutely everywhere. I don't need to tell people he's my dog because he makes it very obvious who his #1 is. Now I love that with him, but it may be causing so adverse effects. My dog loves both my roommates, the neighbors, and basically anyone that comes over. However, I recently found out that I'm not home, he's a completely different dog. My roommates said that he usually sits in my room, sometimes even under the bed, while I'm gone. They told me he'll come out when they go to my room and say hi to him, but even then he will just go to the garage door (where I come through when I'm home) and just lay there waiting for me. They said it's almost like he forgets everybody and has no motivation to do anything when I'm gone. He loves fetch, but if I'm not there, he doesn't play. Just waits to go back to the house so he can wait for me. The second I get home suddenly he's ecstatic, and wants to play, run around, gets crazy with giving the roommates love, hangs out in their rooms, everything. Is there a way I can help him to be more himself without me around? I've noticed he is almost always waiting on my permission for things. If somebody comes over, he barks at them until I come out of my room, acknowledge the person, and tell him it's fine. Then suddenly he jumps up on them and wants love from them. I really want him to be happier when I'm not around since it seems like his quality of life for half the day when I work (12 hour shifts 3-4 times a week) is so much lower.

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