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This is my first dog ever, a puppy, and I never knew how much a puppy is truly like a human baby (maybe worse sometimes). I know there are many posts on this sub on what to do, but I am desperately seeking some sort of advice/affirmation/I’m not really sure??

I have had countless breakdowns since getting my puppy in January. I have still been putting in 110% because I’m raising him alone. He is not crate trained (yet) because we had to take a pause on it when I rushed it in the beginning. That’s another story, but essentially, he’s become my shadow but thankfully house training has been not that bad considering we did move once and switched from pads in the pen to going potty outside.

My puppy has hit puberty, which has become even more stressful for me. His recall is so bad outside that friends have asked me if he knows his name. He’s 6 months old. To me it seems obvious he would know his name but it also puts pressure on me thinking I’m not training him well enough.

But here’s the kicker. I wake up every morning at 3AM from having nightmares about raising my puppy. I have dreams where my puppy is peeing all over the house, is acting “off”, is resource guarding things he finds on walks (he just ate part of a chicken bone yesterday on a walk so I’m hoping he’s okay but I am extremely worried). I even have sleep movements trying to pick up my puppy, get up to check on him in my room only to realize he’s still in his pen in the living room.

My puppy sleeps through the night, but I can’t. I’m at my wits end and worrying excessively in my dreams every night for at least a month. What can I do? I feel like I’m at my wit’s end raising my puppy even though I love him to death.

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