My adopted dog is peeing on her bed with no indication that she has to go potty

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My boyfriend and I rescued a 1.5 yo red nose pitbull on Friday who is an absolute sweetheart who has been peeing on her bed. They believe she was potty trained because she never went in her kennel and waited until she was outside to go. So far we have had no issues with her going in the house and she always pees when we are outside with her. However, yesterday and today while she has been laying on her bed I have noticed that in her sleep she has peed. I work from home and am able to let her out every hour and am very attentive to her. I'm not scolding her because I don't know when it is happening (her bed is next to me but I am not constantly watching her in her sleep) and she is giving me no indication that she needs to go out (no sounds, movement, etc). I'm curious if there is something specific I can do to get her to stop since it is difficult to continuously be washing her bedding and obviously a behavior we don't want her to continue. Thank you in advance!

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