My adopted ACD has been effectively trained out of her fear aggression with people, but not with animals

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Hi all!

I adopted a red heeler about a year ago, and she has required constant work but has come so far! When I first picked her up from the man that wanted me to adopt her, she bit me (and drew blood) and it took me six hours to get her into, and then out of, my truck. I decided to see if I could rehab her as the guy told me it was either me or she needed to be put down. I learned a lot about her, guided her through the worst with a firm hand, and shes gone from outright trying to attack people that aren't me to being able to socialize and eventually bond with many people.

My concern now is with other animals, specifically other dogs. She seems to have an overwhelming prey drive, and struggles to pay attention to me when another creature is present. She displays an openly aggressive demeanor, but she hasnt bitten another dog. Yet. I've been trying for months and I know it would be so good for her to be able to run around in the very busy off leash dog park that is literally in my backyard. I'm starting to doubt I can train her out of this behavior. Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.


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