My 9-year-old pug suddenly won’t stop peeing during the night

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I have a 9-year-old male pug. He has been extremely well-behaved his entire life up until this point. I had a labrador before him and he is more well-behaved than my labrador ever was. He's a smart dog which is why it's so frustrating that he's peeing during the night.

He has been crate trained before but after moving around 3 years ago, the crate training wasn't necessary and he did well sleeping out in the open. Around a month ago, he started peeing on the floor in his little room space that he has and throwing my shoes around the room. I would come down in the morning to see pee on the floor and my shoes thrown all around the room. And I'm not talking a small puddle or a little sprinkle. It's as if he had a whole bowl of water before bed and just emptied his entire bladder on the floor. Cleaning up pee and strewn shoes every morning gets old real fast so I tried closing the door to his room so he wouldn't have access to the shoes, thinking it was an anxiety problem. He still peed with the door closed. I even tried cutting off his water about an hour before bedtime since he's a heavy drinker all day but that hasn't worked either.

My next solution was to go back to crating with the door open. Still peed. Tried crating with the door closed. Still peed. Tried crating him with my shoes in front of the crate door so he could smell them. Still peed. Tried giving him my shoes in the crate. Still peed.

I am at my wit's end here with trying to get him to stop peeing. He had some other health issues during the summer and the vet said aside from the issue he had, he was perfectly healthy, in great shape for his age and his breed. Because of the issues at the time, we had even questioned if incontinence could be a problem and the vet advised us absolutely not because he's not old enough to be experiencing "old dog issues".

I seriously have no idea how to get him to stop peeing. I walk him first thing in the morning and I walk him around 8-9 at night. He can hold it the whole day but for some reason can't do it at night.

I really need some help and some suggestions of what to do here because I don't want to give up on him. He's a good boy as a whole and hasn't really done anything bad or wrong in his life. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!

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