My 8 month old Akita girl just keep onnn pulling on walks! I’m always almost crying at the frustration

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Hello everyone,

Like the title said, my girl just doesn't seem to understand that pulling is not a behavior I would like! I tried the halti face harness? I'm not sure on the proper name. That didn't work, I just felt like she was willing to squeeze her mouth shut and hurt herself pulling than just walk calmly next to me!

Note: there's usually not a lot of distracting things around us on the way to the park just usual that I would've thought she's used to. Or, cars, people, cyclist etc.

When we do get to park!!!!! Oh my gosh I could cry. She doesn't pull to the point of dragging me but she will pull hard enough that it strains on my arm! She sniffs everything everywhere like she doesn't see it on a daily?!??! And when she sees other dogs it's game over, she will lay flat on the ground and then a few seconds later lunges towards the other dog! (Little dogs do tend to start on her, she will be doing her thing and from the distance I would hear tiny angry barks)

I tried commanding to sit Everytime I feel her pull, (I end up telling her to sit 8 times before we even got out of the gate)

I tried walking her, then when I feel her pull, wall back home and restart.

Please can someone tell me something new we could work on?! I get really stressed and anxious about walking her cause I know I'm gonna get up getting pissed off before we even get out!

Thank you!

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