My 7 months old beagle puppy bites me at night

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Tldr: My 7 months old male beagle puppy bites me at night.

My dog’s not neutered yet, we have appointment on Nov to do this. He gets about one hour morning walk. And at least one hour dog park time in the evening. He sleeps with us on our bed. At night if he chews on pillow or something he should not be chewing on, I’d say leave it. If he doesn’t leave it’s, I’d say no and slowly get up and walk away. Recently he started biting me pretty hard if I get up and walk away, usually it gets swollen immediately and bruise next day. He broke my skin twice. Tonight he was chewing my partner’s pillow, he asked him to leave it, and my dog ignored. So we both get off the bed, walking out. Then my dog just bit my the back of my thigh pretty badly, and kept nipping me or my t-shirt. But he’s not doing that to my partner. I don’t understand this, not not sure how to handle it. Suggestions are appreciated.

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