My 6 month old rescue puppy is becoming aggressive

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I got a puppy from a rescue about a month ago. He was 5 months when we got him and he’s been great up until the last few days. He has started showing some super scary aggressive behaviors and I don’t know what to do about it or where they came from. Whenever he has something that he shouldn’t have, he growls and tries to bite you if you try to take it away. And today when I went to pet him as he was napping he suddenly growled and tried to bite me. My roommate was trying to put her slipper on and he nipped her toe playfully, but then suddenly got aggressive and growled and tried to REALLY bite her. I’ve tried to do the treat for the item trick and it only works sometimes and it’s not improving his aggressive reactions at all. He goes to get nuetered tomorrow and I’m going to ask the vet for advice but this is honestly terrifying me and I don’t want to be scared of my own dog. 🙁

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