My 6 month old is aggressive and bites/nips me when I’m putting on his harness/leash. Please help!

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I’ve had this problem since buying a harness for him and his behaviour has gotten progressively worse. The only way we can get him in his harness is by using a treat for him to chew whilst we slip it on and buckle him in. If there is only one of us, or we don’t use treats he will bits and attack the harness and our hands. The harness is very easy to get him into, we slip it onto his head and buckle him up near the underneath of his stomach. Its come to a point where I’ve been reduced to tears because he accidentally got his leg out in the park today when I was by myself walking him, and I ran out of treats so had to rebuckle him and he was attacking my hands with pure anger and passion. I ended up getting a red hands and a small hash. It was terrifying. He knows when I get the harness out, it means walk time and he gets excited so I don’t know why he still hates me putting it on. Please help 🙁

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