My 4 months old ates a bat and my heart is broken.

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It's being so difficultd to raise my little brat, she's smart and get commands right away, but she is kinda stubborn, specially when she have a "prey".

For some stomach issues and a really careless breeder, she is way delayed with her vaccines, she just have the first two and this week the third one was scheduled.

Last night i woke up to my worse nightmare with her, something like a bat got in the house while my wife and i were sleeping, and i woke up at 12:30AM to find my little girl licking something. She got in hunt mode and tried to swallow the whole thing as soon as she saw me waking up, i grabbed her and make her drop it. It it was disgusting and strange at the same time, there was no head or blood, we searched the whole hose and nothing. I put some gloves and tried to inspect the thing but i'm not sure, and i don't see anything else that she could bite that looks similar. This thing is 98% a bat, without head. My stomach was twisting and still now, so my wife is taking it to the vet in some minutes.

I'm afraid the bat is infectec with rabies, if that so, worst case scenario is there, my little puppy doesn't have this vaccine yet. I don't know what the future holds for it but i'm on tears now; i can't believe how much i failed to her.

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