My 4 Month Old Golden Won’t Stop Biting

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My sweet Nala is my very first puppy. I love her so, so much and she is doing so great with her potty training and "sit". However, I can NOT get her to stop biting me! I wanted to sit on the couch and relax, as I'm having surgery this week, so I brought out all of her toys and sat them out for her and she would not stop biting me instead of the toys! I've tried everything- "No bite!", yelping with a high pitch OW!, putting other toys in her mouth- but she returns to my skin every. single. time. What the hell do I do? I love playing with her but it hurts! I'm following this schedule with her- wake up around 6am-7am, potty, breakfast, potty, playtime- crate while I'm at class from 9-11, lunch at 3, potty, playtime, crate… following the potty, playtime, crate until dinner at 11:00 with one final potty before bed for the night. When I have to get things done, I place her in the crate. Is this wrong? I feel like a terrible doggy mom but I can't get anything done with her outside of the crate because she won't stop biting!

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