My 4 month old golden retriever is afraid of other dogs

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My puppy is about 4 and a half months old and just recently fully vaccinated so we've just started going to dog parks. She's a golden retriever and well socialized with other people. The problem is she's not so well socialized with other dogs yet.

On the first visit we tried the small dog side (she was just at the weight limit) and she was intimidated by the other dogs, especially the ones that were barking. She played with one other dog for about 30 seconds total during the trip.

On her second visit we went to the large dog side (again, just at the weight limit). This time she seemed intimidated by the size of the other dogs towering over her. She didn't really play with any of them so much as she ran from them.

During both trips she absolutely LOVED the other people and wouldn't stop running to them, hiding behind them, etc. I should also note I have two cats in my house who she is very curious about, though they don't feel the same way.

Is there anything I should be doing to ease her into the socialization with other dogs? So far it seems like a trial by fire and I'm not sure that's very productive. Any advice is welcome, thanks!

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