My 3y/o dog barks at guests and bit 2 of my guests

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So whenever people are behind the screen door he starts barking really loud so I have to put him In a separate room so the person at the door can come in. Or sometimes I try to introduce him to my guests on a leash and he either likes them or doesn’t. Once he was getting along with one of my guests and got some treats from her, but when I left the room he bit her leg. But she had on jeans and he didn’t bite that hard. Another time, my uncle came and we thought it was fine cause last time he came my dog liked him. But no, he was barking a lot and bit him. My uncle didn’t really care though. It really sucks that I can’t bring any guests in with out him being in a separate room or having him on a leash. I don’t know what to do, when we are somewhere else not in the house he is so nice to everyone and let’s people pet him and he licks them but when it’s at the house he barks and bites. Please help me submitted by /u/personns
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