My 3 1/2 month old chihuahua mix is aggressive?

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I’ve never had a puppy and I really don’t know what the hell im doing. So for some reason my puppy, she’s getting aggressive now? Idk how to discipline her I guess in the right way so I’ll lightly boop her on the nose and she immediately bites me and starts showing aggression.

I recently took her out to this small festival and all my guy friends would try and pet her but she bit all of them multiple times and again showed aggression.

The other day my mom was simply drying her off from a bath and she showed aggression and bit her.

My dad I think doesn’t help? He hits my puppy very hard and I hate it and have told him to stop doing that because I don’t think it’s helping her aggression with people.

What can I do to stop this? I wanna be able to take her out and have her be friendly. I know she’s small but she actually scares me when she gets aggressive lol

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